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Ranjan Munshi

LiFegraphics is a Studio where everything is techno savvy; creativity is highly in innovative gear; we work through clinic/studio/workshop outfits to `Give What Clients Want'.. Our Focus Is More On Entertainment Productions.

We work with the client through study, queries, feedback and relevant literature.

From cluster of concepts; sail through content and employ our Creative Director's Technique, learnt in workshop with Peter Brook, Theatre genius, called `WIR' meaning Wild Imaginative Roaming.
BillionaireRDMenterprise has very recently changed its focus from previous one and has expanded its scope to cover;

Sound & Editing
Films & Television
Music Albums
Theater Productions
Graphics & Photography
Arts & Paintings


Ranjan Munshi by profession is a management consultant having over 30 years of working experience with industries and corporate. This has given him insight of how management succeeds in this competitive world and how to be cost effective.

He loved theatre and arts and develop passions for architecture and design. He studied the history of villas and castles as he researched into the details of their architecture and landscaping. His long-standing study and collections of paintings lead him to get the Diploma in Art Appreciation from National Museum, New Delhi, India. He presented three research papers on Italian Villas, French Paintings & South Asian Arts Including India. He combined his knowledge of management and arts to start his `BillionaireRDM Enterprise’.

See his profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjanmunshi

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